At Houghtons Bush, we have a wide range of activities available. There are both onsite options - for which there is no extra charge - and activities which involve your group employing an independent adventure company, or visiting one of the nearby commercial attractions.

On Site Options

Groups come to Houghtons Bush for a variety of reasons. For most, the top priority is to have a great time. And, here at camp, we find that when there’s plenty to do, other important goals like getting to know each other, learning new skills, gaining personal confidence and recharging in a fresh new environment are more likely to happen. With this in mind, camp has a wide range of activities set up, documented and ready to go – all at no extra charge. Our camp custodian will be happy to introduce them to you, all health and safety is the responsibility of the hirer. Here’s a look at some of the options we have available.

We have sports equipment for free usage - table tennis, rugby balls, soccer balls, bats, cones etc. Please check with the Customer Service Officer at time of booking to see what is currently available at the camp.


Adventure Course

Our course is designed to help people realise they can achieve greater things, So, the well-built course provides situations that appear more challenging than they really are. The course can be used to represent the wider challenges that people face and highlight the rewards that come from persevering and seeking the support of others to achieve goals.

Problem solving

Nothing brings people together more than working together on a challenge. Through the process of shared responsibility, our problem solving activities such as 'Towers of Hanoi' reveal hidden talents and bring out the best, or at times the worst, in attitudes and co-operation. Either way your group will be stronger for the experience!

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Follow directions, unravel clues and gather information to reach your goal in the shortest time possible. The orienteering courses suit different age-groups and abilities. Both courses are in bush settings, they provide a sense of achievement in a beautiful outdoor environment.

Burma Trail

Scary, challenging and fun. Can you find your own way through the forest in complete darkness with only a rope as your guide? This challenge is a highlight for most of our guests. At 180m, additional ‘surprises’ can be added for grownups, with smaller children able to also use blindfolds. The Burma trail is permanently set up and ready to go.

Playing Field

Our playing field is ideal for most outdoor games - from team sports like touch rugby and soccer to after dark activities. It’s also a great place to share lifetime outdoor skills like tent-pitching, first aid and bush craft.

Indoor Activities

When the weather, or a particular activity, calls for time indoors, our large hall and dining area provides a flexible space for a wide range of activities. These can include guest speakers, presentations, meetings, hobbies, crafts and rehearsals.

Walks & Hikes

Numerous trails lead away from the camp, offering a good range of difficulty, terrain and walking times. Destinations include an ancient Māori Pa site, Maori kumara pits, the gannet colony and ridge-top views to the ocean. Your walk can involve farmland, low scrub, native forest, a wild black-sand beach, rocky headlands and… wait for it… 490 steps to a ridge.

Additional Activities

Houghton's Bush Camp and the surrounding area provide a natural base for a wide range of outdoor pursuits - archery, canoeing, golf, horse riding and mountain biking. Many of our visiting groups hire experienced adventure company specialists for onsite activities such as mountain or BMX bike riding, canoeing and archery. At camp, you can easily extend your group’s activities by employing an independent adventure company, or visiting one of the nearby commercial attractions. To find out more please see the activity providers below.

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Bigfoot Adventures

Bigfoot Adventures is an experienced adventure company, with qualified staff and well-maintained equipment. They are very familiar with Houghtons Bush Camp, the nearby lake and surrounding forest.

POPS Games & Puzzles

Fun and educational! Providing a stimulating social and enjoyable environment for creative discovery and problem solving through both independent play and team work.

Treetop Adventures

Nestled in the treetops of Woodhill Forest, this popular attraction offers nine adventure courses ranging in height from three to 14 metres above the ground. Treetop Adventures is a 15-minute drive from camp.

Muriwai Riding Centre Horse Treks

Based a few kilometres from camp, this experienced riding centre offers morning and afternoon treks for up to five people at a time. Ride along the wild black-sand ocean beach, over the sand dunes and back through the forest.

Muriwai Golf Club

This well-known club offers hire clubs, practice ranges, practice chipping, putting greens and a spectacular 18-hole golf course. It’s set behind the sand dunes, just two kilometres from camp. A restaurant is available for large numbers, if and and when you book in advance..

Parakai Springs Hot Pools

This facility is made up of indoor and outdoor hot pools, plus two huge hydro-slides. With fully qualified lifeguards, plus ample barbecue and picnic areas, Parakai Springs is ideal for visiting groups. Just a 20-minute drive from camp, the complex is open from 10am to 9pm daily.

4Track Adventures

4Track offer professional four-wheel drive quad bike safaris along the beach and through the forest. Full training and a guide are included. Other activities - such as archery - and shooting can be provided for groups. 4Track Adventures is a 15-minute drive from camp.

Delta Force Paintball

For too long the Auckland paintball scene has suffered - with game zones offering no more than pallets, hay bales and old tyres to play between. All of this is in the past. After Delta Force, paintball as you know it will never be the same again! Delta Force is famous for offering quality, high adrenaline paintball games that no other paintball centre can match. Our movie-set paintball scenarios and state of the art equipment - combined with the incredible natural landscape - will provide you and your mates with the ultimate paintball adventure!