Community Groups

Sports, music, drama, hobbies, arts, crafts and other shared interests can all benefit from uninterrupted time in the company of coaches, tutors or colleagues. Houghtons Bush Camp provides your group with the opportunity to become completely immersed in your favourite pastime.

Houghtons Bush Camp provides an attractive and productive environment for any community group. The small private lounge is ideal for onsite planning and leadership meetings, or as a quiet space as required. As you have exclusive use of the entire property you can even hold discussions or activities in the onsite native forest if you’d like.

Creating Memories

A picnic on the beach, a climb to see the gannet colony, or a walk through the onsite forest can all provide experiences that are far removed from everyday life. When they’re shared with close friends and family they help to create memories that are cherished for life.

Family Reunions

Family reunions and celebrations help to strengthen the bonds holding everyone together, even when they’re scattered around the world. For extended family gatherings, Houghtons Bush Camp offers a peaceful, practical and fun-filled environment.

Something for every age group

While the younger ones burn off energy on the playing field, playground or confidence course, there are plenty of quiet spaces for the elderly to relax. The large heated hall/dining area provides a year-round space for all generations to gather together. It’s ideal for speeches and presentations to celebrate special occasions, like a significant birthday or anniversary.